Jul 29 2012

£million Jackpot on Chests of Plenty

We had to double and triple check this, the Jackpot for Chests of Plenty at Coral  is over £1,100,000!

Chests £million Jackpot on Chests of Plenty

This is over 8 times the average Jackpot of £138k!  There is also a very generous £25 bonus at Coral  to help you win this record Chests of Plenty Jackpot.  Very rarely do Jackpots become this overfull and ready to burst.


  1. JackpotMaster

    Now at £1.3 million!

  2. SlotsMan

    I have been playing this loads and got into the bonus round several times, got 6 diamonds and 3 green jewels, my heart was racing. Maybe tonight I will win.

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