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Cash of the Titans

Cash of the titans1 300x140 Cash of the Titans

Cash of the Titans Slot is a 5-reel 20-line slot game reminds me of Captain Cannons Circus with so many bonus rounds!  Only this one is  based on a Greek gods and Olympics theme.

Cash Of The Titans Jackpot

William Hill£156,652WARM

Average Jackpot win:  £41,949

Bronze Bonus Rounds

When all 5 bonus letters are triggered then after all wins on the reels have been paid a bonus selection screen will be shown.  This shows the 9 possible bonus rounds that could be triggered:

cash of the titans bonus rounds1 Cash of the TitansThe different bonus rounds will light up at random and you need to press the stop button to stop them changing and slow down and stop on one bonus. This will be the bonus that gets triggered.  Obviously you want to it to land on Progressive Jackpot at the top, but we suspect it works like an arcade grabber where the result is predetermined regardless of when you press stop.

The higher up the hill, the greater the bonus round will payout on average.

Pole Vault

  • Minotaur enters and plants his pole in one of five locations (depending on where he is going to land)
  • Where he lands will turn that column all Wild
  • He could turn one, two or even three reels all wild. It does not make a difference if a symbol is already wild on a reel being changed. (There is no x2 Wild at all).
  • After that he will disappear and the line wins will be calculated and awarded in the same way as for the normal game.

Divine Discus

  • A discus will be thrown at the reels.
  • The symbol it hits will shatter and turn into a wild.
  • This will be repeated for several symbols.
  • After all wilds have been awarded then line wins will be calculated and awarded in the same way as for the normal game.

Chariot Stampede

  • Some chariots will race past the reels and knock several symbols off so only one remains on each reel.
  • The remaining symbols will drop to the bottom of the reels and new symbols will drop down.
  • The new symbols are random and from reels that contain more wilds than the standard reels so more likely to form wins.
  • All line wins are then calculated again and paid to the player.

Silver Bonus Rounds

Each of these 3 bonus rounds is played away from the reels and they all allow you to make different selections to pick which character/item you think will have the best win. All wins have already been multiplied by your total stake.

Herculean Lifting

Cash of the titans Herculean Lifting 300x135 Cash of the Titans

  • You need to select 1 of the 3 characters and then they will all start to hold the weights.
  • As the selected character holds his weights a prize above their head will begin to count up. The longer they keep the weight aloft the bigger the prize will get.
  • The 3 characters will vary in their capabilities for lifting and after they have all finished you will see the win for the one you selected. This will then be added to your balance and you will also see what you could have won for the other characters that go.
  • Your winnings will then be added to your account and the game will return to the reels.

Athena’s Archery

Cash of the titans Athenas Archery 300x163 Cash of the Titans

  • You start with 5 shots and need to click on targets to select them.
  • After each pick Athena will shoot an arrow at the selected target and award the win shown behind.
  • The number of shots remaining (and the amount won so far) are shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will continue until all arrows are used up.
  • The total of all the wins for the targets will then be added up and added to your balance.

Ares Boxing

Cash of the titans Ares Boxing 300x141 Cash of the Titans

  • You are shown 6 fighters to choose from. Click on the character you want to select to fight for you.
  • A different fighter will then be picked at random to be your opponent and the two will then fight.
  • You will be awarded with a random win amount for each hit as well as a bonus if your character wins the fight.
  • Once the fight is over your winnings will be added up and shown on a summary screen before being added to your balance.

Gold Bonus Rounds

These are the bonus rounds that have the highest payouts on average. All wins have already been multiplied by your total stake.

Dionysus Diving and Free Spins

Cash of the titans Dionysus Diving 300x181 Cash of the Titans

  • Dionysus starts by diving off the board
  • There are several different possible diving poses he can do on his way down
  • After each move a judge will award extra Free Spins or increase the Free Spins multiplier by a certain amount.
  • The bonus ends when the diver lands in the water barrel.
  • The game will then enter Free Spins.
  • During Free Spins all wins will be multiplied by the Free Spins multiplier.
  • It is not possible to trigger a bonus again while in Free Spins.

Zeus’ Pentathlon

Cash of the titans Zeus Pentathlon 300x140 Cash of the Titans

  • This consists of Zeus taking part in a pentathlon and awarding you winnings for each round based on how well he does.
  • The five stages are as follows:
    • Javelin throw- this will go a long way and count up winnings while all the other rounds are going on.
    • Hurdles – Zeus will run along the track and break through the hurdles and award cash prizes for each
    • Long Jump – Zeus will perform a (very) long jump and get a prize based on positions he goes to while jumping.
    • Swimming – Zeus will swim along with sharks and award a prize for each shark he hits
    • BMX – Zeus will perform some tricks and get prizes for each.
  • Once all five stages have finished then the total amount will be shown and added to the balance.

Progressive Jackpot

  • If the bonus entry stops on Progressive Jackpot then the jackpot is won and will be added to the balance!
  • In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account.

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