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What is RTP?

RTP or Return To Player is the percentage of money you will receive back on average.  This figure is only really meaningful over a large sample of games  due to the volatility of the payouts.


Roulette has a return to player (RTP) of 97.3% This means that for every £100 you stake, on average you will get back £97.30.  You might get £150 back and your mate might only get £40 back, but overall the average returns are 97.3% or looking at it another way, the house has a margin of 2.7%.

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Roulette has 37 numbers (0-36) nearly half are Black and half are Red plus 0 which is green (American Roulette has 0 and 00 because they are greedy).  If you bet £10 on Red and a Red number appears you will get £20 which is fair enough as you have nearly a 50/50 chance, but not quite because of the 0.

37 numbers in total 18 Red 18 Black 1 Green

18/37 = 0.4864864864864865 which means you have a 48.65% that Red will come up

if you back both Red and Black you have covered 36/37 numbers = 97.297297297 or 97.3% which is where the RTP comes from, the 0 is the house edge.


All slot games are based on the same principle but have many thousand different outcomes compare to 37 of the roulette table.  Look out for games with a higher RTP but be aware you are unlikely to actually achieve this figure.  Why? well because the RTP consists of returns from the reels in normal play, the bonus round, free spins and the jackpot.  The person who wins the jackpot will have a much higher RTP than those who don’t, but overall the RTP will equal the stated figure.  The more spins you make the closer to the RTP you will achieve, but my advice is to cashout as soon as you are up!

In the UK, you will see slot machines in many pups, AKA bandits, the minimum legal RTP is 72% there is no minimum return to player (RTP) for online games based in Gibraltar, Malta, Gurnsey where many of the “UK” bookmakers are actually based.


By the way, there are a lot of systems and scams out there telling you how to beat roulette, non of them work online, yes, you can win money by doubling up but what happens when you get a run of loosing bets that bankrupts you?  You can only gain an advantage in a physical casino if the table is bent, dodgy croupier, you have a device to track the speed of the ball and wheel or the wheel is not level.  Even then, you can only gain a small advantage and if you get caught, you WILL get the sh!t beaten out of you!

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